Playa Pelada is arguably the most beautiful beach in Nosara. Pelada is a small, curving white sand beach tucked between Punta Nosara and Punta Guiones. Playa Pelada is still an operating fishing village as indicated by the handful of small fishing pangas that line the beach.

A trail at the northern end of the beach winds up onto the cliffs of Punta Nosara and continues on to the Nosara Rivermouth. At the southern end of the beach, a blowhole can shoot water high into the air when the tide is right. Pelada is a quiet place–great for walks, shell hunting or relaxing with a book.

More action can typically be found in front of Olga’s Bar where local fishermen, tourists, ex-pats and workers gather daily to watch the sunset or play futbol on the beach. Pelada gives off a bit more of the local, Tico feel and energy. On the weekends (especially Sundays), this is where many of the locals from the area go to spend the day at the beach with their families.

Restaurant La Luna is also located on the beach in Playa Pelada. With Olga’s next door as well, these are the only two beachfront restaurants in the area. Both spots make for a great place to end the day while watching the sun slowly drop behind the horizon with the surrounding cliffs and rocks in Pelada Bay as an ideal setting.


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