Just north of Playa Nosara and the Boca Nosara lies Playa Ostional, another long and beautiful dark sand beach. While surfers do come here to ride the big, powerful and often hollow waves, Ostional is best known as one of Costa Rica’s most important turtle nesting sites.

During an arribada, Olive Ridley turtles arrive by the thousands to come ashore and lay their eggs. An arribada is most likely to occur between July/August and then again between December/January.

If you have the chance, an arribada at Ostional is an event not to be missed. Even BBC’s Blue Planet TV series has documented this as one of natures most incredible events. In fact, Playa Ostional is recognized for being the beach that helped get the Olive Ridely Turtle off the endangered species list. At one time, this species of sea turtle was near extinction, but by designating the area as a National Wildlife Refuge and with the help of the local Ostional community and the Asociacion de Desarrollo de Ostional (ADIO), the Olive Ridely population is now safe and flourishing.

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