Drive south on the main road from Playa Guiones and in about ten minutes you will arrive at Playa Garza. The Garza Bay is a beautiful crescent shaped beach located just opposite Punta Guiones, and is home to most of the area’s local fisherman and charter fishing boats. Playa Garza also boasts one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the area. Compared with Guiones Bay, the Garza Bay and beach is much smaller and confined with big cliff points on both the north and south ends.

Though some ex-pats live in and around Garza in the hills overlooking the bay, for the most part this is a sleepy little pueblo–a tranquil Costa Rican village made up of local fishermen and their families.

The relaxing atmosphere of Garza brings the occasional sunbather, and the palm tree-lined beach makes for a very scenic spot to pass the time and enjoy the day. Besides incredible fishing, there is also great swimming and snorkeing here. There are some reefs just out from the beach, and if the water is clear enough you may see marine life. These reefs are also what keep the middle of the bay protected from the big swells and why many fishermen keep their boats and pangas moored up here.

Whether you plan on going offshore or inshore fishing while you are here, pretty much all of the charter fishing boats leave right from Garza Bay. We have connections with the best boat captains and fisherman in the area. So, if you are interested in booking a full or half day fishing trip, or a surf/fishing excursion contact us and we will be happy to get you set up.


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