Playa Guiones is the most popular beach in the Nosara area.

The advantages of staying in Guiones include proximity to restaurants, bars, and shops. Also, and possibly most important, the beach is known to produce very consistent surf.

Another great thing about staying in Guiones, if you are staying within walking distance to the beach, you might not even need a rental car.

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Playa Pelada is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach on the coastline.

With lush hills surrounding sand and cool breezes that sweep down through the trees and wrap visitors in their embrace, Playa Pelada has the habit of making you feel you’re in a postcard picture.

It is an incredible place to swim, relax in the natural tide pools, fish, explore rock formations, or catch breathtaking sunsets. Pelada also holds many of the better pricing deals for the traveler on a budget.

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Playa Garza has quickly become one of the area’s most exclusive beaches.

Boasting a majestic fishing bay, palm trees, incredible fishing, swimming, and snorkeling, it’s easy to see why most everyone wants to be here. Some reefs are just out from the beach, and if the water is clear enough you can see marine life.

These reefs are also what keep the middle of the bay protected from the big swells, and why many fishermen keep their boats and pangas moored here.

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Playa Nosara is a long, dark sand beach that stretches from Playa Ostional to the Nosara Rivermouth.

The beach itself is quiet, populated mainly by the occasional fisherman, surfer, or Olive Ridley turtle.  The fishing here can be great, and many locals fish from the beach and also in the river and mangroves.

At low tide, you can easily cross the Nosara River and reach the beach on the other side. The views are wonderful, and it is a perfect place to enjoy time by yourself.

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Just north of Playa Nosara and the Boca Nosara lies Playa Ostional, another long and beautiful dark sand beach.

While surfers come here to ride the big, powerful and often hollow waves, Ostional is best known as one of Costa Rica’s most important turtle nesting sites. During an arribada, Olive Ridley turtles arrive by the thousands to come ashore and lay their eggs.

An arribada is most likely to occur during July and August and then again during December and January. Arribadas most commonly occur shortly after the new moon.

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