• Exit the Juan Santamaria Airport and follow the road straight, towards downtown San Jose.

• At rental car company, ask them to point you towards the Autopista del Sol (Highway 27) to Orotina and towards Escazu when you leave the lot.

• Remain on this highway for about 10-15 minutes.

• Then, you will take a RIGHT at traffic light intersection. You will see a McDonalds on the far left-hand corner of the intersection, and you will see a tall blue “Universal” sign on the right. This is the Autopista del Sol (Highway 27). There will be a few tolls along the way, so have a about $3.00 – $4.00 ready, preferably in Costa Rican Colones.

• Then, you will continue straight on the Autopista del Sol (without exiting) for about an hour. Follow the signs for Caldera and Puntarenas.

• Once you arrive in Puntarenas, Highway 27 will automatically turn into Highway 1. Follow the signs to Liberia and you will be put right onto Highway 1.

• Once past Puntarenas, the next turn you will look for is for has a sign labeled “Puente La Amistad de Taiwan”.

• Take a LEFT towards the Puente La Amistad de Taiwan. You will cross over the big bridge (Puente La Amistad de Taiwan) and follow that road until it comes to a T intersection. This leg of the trip will be about 48km.

• Take a RIGHT at that intersection, you will see a sign indicating Nosara, Playa Samara and Carrillo. The next intersection will be in Nicoya, about 13km from the last turn.

• Take a LEFT at the flashing yellow traffic light towards Nicoya. Then follow the road through the town of Nicoya, you will pass right through the center of town and out the other end. Stay straight for about 13km.

• The road will come to a T intersection again with a small store in front named “Abastecedor Caimital”. Take a RIGHT.

• Stay straight on that road for 19km or so and until you see a gas station on your left. Right after the gas station (about 100 meters past) you will take a RIGHT onto the dirt road. You will see signs for Nosara.

• Drive SLOWLY and carefully on the dirt road, especially at night. There will often be locals walking on both sides of the road and it is hard to see in the dark with no street lights whatsoever. Slow down while driving through the tiny little pueblos to reduce the dust that you kick up.

• Follow the road for about 8km (feels much longer than that!) until you come to a T intersection with signs in front of you.

• Take a RIGHT at the intersection towards Nosara. Now you are only 12km away!

• Stay straight and you will enter the Playa Guiones area!

• If you decide to take the old road to Nosara (Highway 1) from the airport, simply exit the airport or rental car place and get on the Calle 1 (Highway 1) towards San Ramon. Follow the signs and you will stay on Calle 1 for 124km until you get to the Puente La Amistad de Taiwan sign and turn. Then, the rest of the directions are the same as above.

• Thanks for following our driving directions from San Jose to Nosara.