Hi, I’m moving to Nosara for a year and looking for long term rental houses.  There’s a big price difference between Guiones and Pelada.  Why is that?  Where should I live?

This is a common question that I’ve heard at least hundred times over the last ten years.  Moving to Nosara is a big step, making sure you have the best experience can be daunting task.  There isn’t a prefect place to live, so I’ll give you pros and cons of the likely choices.


Playa Guiones is the heart of the Nosara community.  Surfing and yoga are both huge draws to the area and almost any house in Playa Guiones is walking distance to both activities.  Guiones also features the highest density of restaurants and mini supers (small grocery stores).  It’s the hub.  And thus, it drives the highest rates for rentals by the beach.  You can expect to pay between $2,000-4,000/month to rent a nice family home.

The downside of living in Guiones is the tourist season.  From Christmas to Spring Break Guiones is crowded.  Kids are hot-rodding quads, partying at times and just having fun on vacation.  It’s not a huge problem, but if peace and quiet is the goal, it might tough to find in Playa Guiones during the high season.

Playa Pelada

Just North of Playa Guiones sits Playa Pelada.  If Guiones is the social and activity hub of Nosara, Pelada is the all about relaxed beauty.  What it lacks in surf it makes up for in sunsets.  And while there aren’t a ton of restaurants to choose from, the ones that have made it are top quality – La Luna, El Chivo and Il Pepperoni.

Rental rates in Pelada are about half of the rates in Playa Guiones.  You can find very nice long term rentals starting at $1,000/month.  The reason rental rates are more affordable is due to the lower demand for short term rentals.  In Playa Guiones the profitability of short term rentals takes supply out of the long term rental market.  This creates a premium price for long term rentals.  Pelada doesn’t have the same vacation rental market, so the supply for long term rentals is higher, lowering the price.

Las Huacas – EE, The Hill

The third option for rental homes in Nosara is the hill.  It has many names, Las Huacas, meaning the graveyard, EE, the original designation by Alan Hutchinson and the developers of Playas de Nosara, but most folks just call it The Hill.  You could consider Playa Guiones Malibu which would make EE Beverly Hills.  And the pricing of real estate, both rentals and sales parallels that of Beverly Hills.

The majority of homes on the hill sell for over one million dollars.  And most of the owners choose not to rent them.  If you can find a rental on the hill pricing will start in the $3,000 range, depending on the home.

The Verdict

There isn’t a correct answer to where you should live in Nosara.  It depends on your goals, activities and budget.  If you’re a couple who surfs and does yoga then Guiones is the logical choice, if you have the budget.  If not, Pelada is a great choice too, you’ll just be driving an extra five minutes.  If you’re coming to enjoy sunsets and cocktails by the pool, that you’d pick the hill.

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